The 3-Step SEO Framework That Will 5x Your Organic MQLs

Get instant access to the exact strategy we use to drive more qualified
organic traffic and leads from Google for our B2B clients.


A Simple 3-Step Framework for Driving B2B Leads from Google

Step #1

Understanding the pages you need to suceed

How to go about structuring your website and the pages you actually need to drive results.

Step #2

Creating content to become an authority

Content will be at the forefront of your efforts for getting in front of your target audience.

Step #3

Generating high-quality backlinks at scale

Understanding backlinks, their exact purpose, and how to actually go about acquiring them.


Get access to the exact strategy we use to drive HUGE wins for our B2B clients

+100,000 users in 6 months

B2B Tech Company Added +100,000 users in 6 months time after multiple failed content efforts

+250,00k+ new users over 12 mo.

B2B SaaS Added 250k+ new users through content creation and optimization

3Xed Traffic and MQLs by 1,450%

B2B Healthcare 3Xed Traffic and MQLs by 1,450% through link acquisition and proper content clean-up

0 → 300+ referring domains (with NO outreach)

B2B startup massively increased their link profile through content strategy from 0 to over 300+ quality RDs.

5Xed MQLs in 6 months

B2B Tech organization added $45K in MONTHLY traffic value and 5x'd MQLs

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