Lack of Inbound Local Calls: Solved
(250% Increase)

B2C Local SEO

Generating More Leads for
Austin's Premiere Beauty Salon

Cute Nail Studio is disrupting the beauty salon experience in Austin, Texas with a whole new take on your typical manicure and pedicure than you're used to.

With a solid design already in place and some initial results, it was clear to RTR that the next steps would be around optimizing what already exists to start driving qualified leads and conversions for the salon using traffic from Google Maps and the traditional organic Google results.

We had our work cut out for us, but luckily with a solid starting point we could jump right in starting to optimize and make use of the solid structure that was already in place.


Local SEO Campaign


GMB & Local Optimization


Authority Building


Local Landing Pages & On-Page SEO

Any great Local SEO campaign is really comprised of the following three key areas:

1. GMB & Local Optimization - Optimizing the existing Google My Business profile to perform and match up with the businesses' offering, as well as understanding the competitive landscape of the location(s) and the competitor's profiles and positions.

2. On-Page Optimization - Creating and optimizing existing "bottom-funnel" service pages to help them rank locally for local search terms (i.e. "nail studio near me" or "nail studio Austin"

3. Building Authority - Creating high-quality and niche-level citations as well as high-quality local and relevant links to drive up the authority of the business in the eyes of Google.

When we're able to execute on these three areas for a local campaign, we can almost always drive big wins - and this was no different in the case of Cute Nail Studio.


250%+ Increase in Inbound Calls


Organic Sessions


Local Visibility


Inbound Calls

This inbound call increase only accounts for visitors to their Google My Business profile which uses the profile itself to contact their business and does not account for phone calls directly generated from the website, or website conversions requesting for a callback.

Within the first few months, we already saw a double in the number of inbound calls occurring, and only a month later those inbound calls more than tripled in volume.

Overall, the inbound leads generated for this business are much higher, but this is only a little taste of the improvements seen over the life of a local campaign.

They're also seeing close to near domination in rankings in their local area for key terms, which should be fully solidified in the coming 1-2 months with first place positions as shown below.

Currently, they're rounding the corner with nearly 800+ inbound calls per month generated directly from their GMB profile with no signs of slowing down.

This is only a solid start, with a lot more work to keep the inbound lead generated from search constantly breaking record highs.

Ready to increase traffic and generate more leads?

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