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Step #0 - Goal Definition & Deliverable Checklist

We consider the goal-setting phase as the most crucial part of any client project that we complete.

Setting concise, achievable goals based on your exact business needs and current SEO standing is important as a way to reflect back on project completion and show clear ROI from our completed work.

We want to ensure each project is successful, and that we meet all goals we agree upon as a team.

The goal-setting definition process is handled immediately prior to any proposal signature or project kick-off, as we clearly define all targets upfront in our proposal to make sure we hit the mark and have a clear target.

Deliverable Checklist:

  • Concise and achievable goals that can be measured and tracking over the duration of our campaign.
  • A list of mutually defined and agreed upon goals, metrics and delierables neatly defined in our final proposal.
Step #1 - Comprehensive On-Site & Google My Business Audit

A successful SEO strategy is about building a company's online presence. The first step is building a blueprint, and identifying all on-site issues.

This blueprint, known as the SEO audit will include an in-depth of all issues currently holding you back from ranking better.

We review 200+ ranking factors and check your website's current standing against all of those best-practice items to see what could be improved on, or what even might be missing.

During this step, we also run your Google My Business profile through a rigorous audit process to understand what all profile changes and optimizations can be implemented for increased rankings.

Deliverable Checklist:

  • Completed manual checklist of 200+ rankings factors, and which we need to resolve.
  • A hand-created report in PDF format, outlining in-depth the what, why and how we will focus on to achieve results.
  • Scheduled meeting to review all findings, and answer any questions regarding findings in the audit phase.
Step #2 - Technical Implementation & GMB Profile Optimization

Next, would be the actual technical implementation of those suggested changes found from the SEO audit.

Whether you're using WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, or another CMS, we have hands-on experience making the needed edits and configuring settings as required.

We take our findings and implement those changes on-site to build a fully-optimized web presence from an SEO perspective.nnIt's crucial to go through and clean-up all current issues, and this can have a quicker impact on rankings.nn

Deliverable Checklist:

  • The actual implementation of all issues and suggestions found within the audit phase.
  • Full on-site backup and change log provided for all changes completed on-site.
Step #3 - Keyword Analysis

The end game is domination; to dominate your space. With that in mind, we want to target keywords your customer is searching for, and get your business right in front of them.

That is ultimately how you get on that epic level of lead generation is to simply be everywhere that is relevant. nnNow, this isn't easy, cheap or quick but our hope is by showing you what's possible and giving you that extra boost in leads, that will go a long way to funding the effort to taking over your local industry in Google.

Deliverable Checklist:

  • 50+ focus keywords, including keyword difficulty, search volume, and intent.
  • Priority ranking for each keyword and guidance on which to focus on and when.
Step #4 - Localized Content Creation & Review

The creation of targetted location pages with high-quality copy and keyword focus to help you rank better in search for Google Local.

The findings and strategy presented in our keyword analysis will give the focus topics and keywords for your content team to focus on.

Content itself will be provided by the client, and we will optimize that accordingly for ranking best in search.

Deliverable Checklist:

  • Our team will be responsible for the actual content review and ensuring that the provided content is SEO-ready and fully optimized to perform in search.
  • Strategy call to review current topics and content on a weekly basis.
Step #5 - Citation Building & Linkbuilding

The objective of our ongoing citation building campaign is two-fold:

A. Create citations on both general directories as well as niche directories

B. Clean-up existing citations where NAP (name, address and phone) are inaccurate

Links from third-party websites are one of the largest ranking factors in terms of ranking high in Google Local search results, and in this case, I would say it would be extremely beneficial to focus on this point on an on-going basis.

All citations are hand-built, therefore we can easily manage those in the future as needed.

Deliverable Checklist:

  • Citation building for over 100+ general citation domains, and over 20+ niche directories
  • On-going citation building/clean-up tracking via Google Drive
  • Additional link building efforts as needed, depending on the competitiveness of results
Step #6 - On-Going Reporting

It's always important to know that you're getting what you paid for and that we continue to make progress during our campaign based on your specific goals.

We want to show a clear return on your investment, and that we're meeting our agreed goal of increasing your organic search traffic, and show that ranking changes for different keywords we focus on.

These monthly reports will include key metrics such as increases in organic traffic, increases in links acquired, bounce rate, organic CTR and keyword rankings.

Fully-customizable, we tailor our reporting based on your exact needs and the goals we set at the beginning of our campaign.

Deliverable Checklist:

  • Reporting will be provided directly to your inbox, with clear insights on how we're continuing to move the needle over time.
  • Tracking includes for specific keywords, and positioning in Local results.
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