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Why is SEO Important?

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average.

The potential to reach your target audience using Google is ever-growing as more and more people turn to Google as their go-to way to find businesses to meet their needs, whether product or service-based.

If your business does not rank well within Google's SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for your target keywords, searchers won't find your business and will end up buying from the competition.

You don't want your potential customers to not be able to find your business, whether you're a small business or a larger-sized organization.

In today's world, it's crucial to be competing against your competition and having visibility to your clients, and the easiest way to do that is directly through being found in search engine rankings using organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is not only about driving traffic but also about acquiring targeted leads for your business and increasing your bottom line.

Why work with an SEO company?

Working with an SEO company brings a lot of added benefits, including increased website traffic as well as improving your overall conversion rate goals.

Choosing the right SEO team can be difficult in today's environment, with everyone claiming to be SEO experts.

As a top digital marketing and content marketing agency, we let the success of our current and past clients
speak for themselves.

When you work with an Organic SEO company that understands what it takes to get results,
it's clear in their SEO techniques and approach that they stick to the basics. Transparency, no secrets,
and all details of the organic SEO strategy laid out upfront. White hat SEO is all about following
the core competencies of SEO:

1. Driving website authority with high-quality, natural backlinks.
2. Providing a great on-site user experience, and optimizing for organic search results.
3. Focusing on the right target keywords to drive google rankings, and allow your target audience to find your business.
4. Improving existing content to be found in search engine results.

Work with a team of SEO specialists that understands SEO, and what it takes to get results.

What are the benefits of using Organic SEO Services?

Helping your business to increase organic rankings through an actionable SEO plan & implementation is our key priority.

Be Found by Your Target Audience

Being in front of your potential customers during the right searches is key to driving organic traffic. We determine how we can reach those customers to provide them with what they're searching for.

Custom Strategy for Your Business

The goal of our organic SEO services is to implement an internet marketing strategy that will continue to payback your business over-time with continual increases in your organic search rankings as well as search visibility in Google.

Increase Traffic, Authority & Leads

With our services, our primary goal is to increase your organic traffic, and to drive more targeted leads to your business. In the process, we also build your domain authority making it possible to continually rank keywords.

Our SEO Growth Framework

We have a four-step process to driving results for your business.


Insights & Data Analysis

By looking at your current analytics from Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Ahrefs, we formulate an initial strategy to proceed with your campaign. Your current data will tell us everything we need to put a proper strategy together for rankings increases across the board. It's also important for us to review in-depth the competitors in your space to understand what's working and what's not.

Onboarding Questionaire & Client-Kickoff

We need to understand your customers and business, and that's where your knowledge comes in. Fill out our short questionnaire, and we schedule an initial kick-off call to review findings and insights from our data analysis report.


Technical & On-Page Website Audit

Google creates a quality score for each website and decides based on that how to rank the website.
Along with this, Google's Webmaster guidelines explain how the site should be built to perform well in results (title tags, sitemap, meta description, etc.)
We run both a full technical audit and a page-by-page audit to find specific areas for improvement for current web pages.

Keyword Research & On-Page Improvements

Keywords determine for which queries your website will rank, and we focus on finding the right primary and supporting keywords
for each page of your website, and check those against top-performing pages and competitors to ensure we're covering all
bases. With these in mind, we build out an on page SEO report and our team goes in and makes those
on-page optimizations on each and every page.


Technical Implementation & Keyword Gap Analysis

We implement all of our suggested fixes from our technical and on-page audits, which allows you to sit back while we do the heavy lifting. From our keyword and topical analysis, we also find opportunities to create new quality content across your website to drive rankings.

Content Strategy & Landing Page Creation

Throughout the life of our SEO campaign, we provide content strategy including topics and content outlines to help with the content creation process. We specifically focus on keywords with top-funnel intent, to help drive the right traffic to your blog or resource pages. We then focus on bottom-funnel keywords and assist in the new page and landing page creation process, driving targeted customers to your key landing pages.


Link prospecting & Link Outreach

We analyze your current website, as well as competitors, to determine what types of domains will have the biggest impact on helping to drive traffic. We help to prospect link targets for your business and do constant outreach over the life of our campaign. Our main goal is to attract links on high-quality sites that point back to your business, one of Google’s largest ranking factors.

Content Promotion

We work to promote your business not only through link outreach campaigns, but also work with industry influencers to have a further impact in your web traffic. Additionally, we work to help promote on other third-party websites by adding relevant content and comments that link back to your content.

The proof is in our client's words 💬

"Fantastic experience working with Justin and his team! I've tried tons of SEO agencies and experts in the past and honestly nothing compared to these guys. Quickly identified lots quick wins and we almost immediately saw a huge uptick in organic search traffic. Also, extremely easy to work with; good communication, great reporting and overall great experience. Highly recommend!"

Kyle Davidson
CEO - Sourced Adventures


Increase in Unbranded Keyword Clicks

Total Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Goal Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of the questions we often get:

How does it take to see results?

What we determine as our goals for our project will determine how we’re hitting goals and achieving “results” throughout our campaign. Rankings and their timing will be highly dependent on how competitive your industry is for the terms you’re going after. For some larger clients with an authoritative domain, we’ve optimized pages and have seen results in a matter of weeks from the second to the first page of Google. For other websites, with a lack of authority and content, it can take us six months or longer to start seeing a major splash in the search results. We can gladly take a deeper look at your website and the competition, and give a better analysis on the time it will take to see results. Get in contact with us, and we will be glad to take a look at no cost.

How does your pricing work?

We price our organic SEO services in a simple manner – we determine the required hours it will take to work on your website, and bill those hours over a monthly retainer fee. Fees for services are due at the beginning of each month in order to retain our services.

Are SEO results guaranteed?

We never guarantee results from using our service. There’s never any guarantee in the world of SEO, and anyone who makes false promises to you about rankings should be avoided at all costs. Organic search optimization is implemented with the end-goal to rank your website higher in Google, and other search engines. Search engines use a complicated algorithm that is constantly changing. What we can guarantee with our service is that we will set your website up with the best chance of performing in search results. The work we’ve done for our clients, and their reviews and testimonials is proof of the quality of our work.

What's included in your end-to-end SEO services?

Our services are comprehensive and cover multiple touch points including analytics and reporting, linkbuilding and content strategy, on-page and technical SEO, as well as other items. There are two key areas that are not included in our standard end-to-end SEO service. We handle link building strategy for you, but we do not cover the cost of link acquisition. We will ask for a small expense budget to ensure we can bring in enough quality links as required. Additionally, we also handle your entire content strategy, but we do not write content for our clients. If you have a writing team, we can gladly work alongside with them. If that’s not the case, we also have content writers who can be hired at an additional cost for content creation. We manage these industry-experienced writers from start to finish during the content creation process.

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