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Over 15+ years of experience driving results through PPC management services.
Let's take your paid search and paid social advertising campaigns to the next level.

PPC Management Services That Get Results

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and to drive sales and revenue for your business. Be in front of your audience where they’re already searching, and one-up your competition.

Rock The Rankings focuses on delivering customized PPC campaigns that help your business to increase conversions and revenue.

Our expert team of PPC consultants works to understand your business, target audience, and build out a custom campaign that will deliver positive ROI, driving targetted customers, and increasing revenue for your business.

Social Media Advertising Across Platforms

Our team of PPC ads experts have over 15+ years of PPC advertising experience in running search ads and display ads. We focus on building out high performing ad campaigns across Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing Ads as well as many other paid advertising platforms.

We focus on optimizing each and every campaign for maximum ROI and ensure fair and transparent pricing that lines up with your budget and goals.

Our top priority is building out winning ad campaigns that drive clear campaign ROI for our customers.

PPC Marketing Campaigns with Positive ROI

Ad spend optimization across our pay-per-click campaigns is the key to ensuring a positive campaign ROI for our clients.

Each campaign is assigned a dedicated PPC manager who crafts a unique PPC strategy specifically for your business and target audience.

Our team closely monitors important metrics such as conversion rate, CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost-per-click), and return on investment to ensure we're driving pure value.

Online advertising does not have to be expensive and difficult.

Work with an expert team today, and start getting results from your PPC campaigns.

Work with an experienced PPC agency

We have the process and expertise to drive conversions and sales for your business using PPC

Flexible Contracts

No long term contracts, no percentage of ad spend fees - only results. We let our work do the talking for us and earn your business from the start.

Transparent Practices

All of our work is yours to keep. We're confident in our work and results, and we won't try and lock you in or keep what we've done.

Consistent Improvement

We're also working to improve your campaigns for higher ROI. Once we explode your paid traffic, we look for other areas to capitalize on.

A Full-Service PPC Management Company

We offer a full range of services throughout our campaigns.

☑️ PPC ads optimization
☑️ Remarketing and retargeting
☑️ eCommerce management
☑️ Brand awareness building
☑️ A/B testing and split testing
☑️ Ad copy ideation and creation
☑️ Keyword research analysis

☑️ Landing page design/testing
☑️ Ongoing PPC auditing
☑️ Custom reporting
☑️ Correct audience targeting
☑️ Negative keyword additions
☑️ Keyword & geo granularity
☑️ Conversion & call tracking

PPC Platforms of Expertise

We focus on driving positive campaign ROI across the platforms we know best.

The proof is in our client's words 💬

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of the questions we often get:

How much does PPC management cost?

Our PPC management services are priced in both a cost-effective and transparent manner.
The minimum monthly management fee for our PPC services is $1k USD.

What type of results can I expect from a PPC campaign?

The KPIs we monitor during a campaign are paid traffic going to your website, as well as total conversions and revenue.
We set custom goals for each client based on where you're at, and what's achievable based on your ad budget.

Isn't PPC advertising expensive?

Pay-per-click advertising costs can certainly add up. At the same time, with an optimized campaign and a team of PPC experts on your side, we ensure that we're driving high-quality traffic that is likely to convert.

A great starting place is to understand the average lifetime value of a customer for your business. You can use this to understand the rough budget you'd be willing to spend on a per-customer basis.

Still unsure? Setup a free 30-minute consultation with us to walk through the current state of your business, and we will recommend what might be a good starting point.

How do you learn my business inside out?

Once we kick-off, we start with a consultation call as well as an in-depth questionnaire to ensure we get all of the vitals we need for a successful campaign together.
All of our campaigns are tailored to the business we're working with, as it's crucial to understand your target audience and target goals to make sure we hit the mark.

How soon can we started?

Right now - fill out the form below, and we will reach out ASAP to see if we have a good fit and get things kicked off.

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