Case Study: 17%+ Increase in Organic Traffic in Less Than 6 Weeks

Auditing your website for performance issues every few months is a great practice that can help to improve your rankings in Google, and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Resolving broken URLs (404 errors), deleting thin pages or non-valuable content, and fixing indexation issues can bring big wins for your business.

In this quick case study, we will look at what an impact a technical audit and implementation of fixes can do for a website, how we conducted and assisted in the implementation of technical fixes for Tourism Winnipeg, and the results and impact from those changes resulting in a 17%+ increase in organic traffic in less than a six week period.

Let’s jump in, and take a look at this one a bit closer.

Tourism Winnipeg: An Overview

Tourism Winnipeg is Winnipeg’s official travel destination marketing organization, providing travelers easy access to planning a perfect trip to the heart of Manitoba.

They’re the go-to resource for everything Winnipeg when it comes to tourism, and if you’ve ever thought about visiting the city for tourism purposes, you’ve probably heard about these guys.

Attracting over a half-million users per year, Tourism Winnipeg is a well-established brand that has some of the best content out there when it comes to visiting this specific destination, including everything from what to do, where to eat, and even current events happening during the different months of the year.

If you’re planning to make a trip to Winnipeg, these are the guys you’re going to want to be checking out while planning your next trip.

Technical & On-Page SEO Audits

Tourism Winnipeg was already attracting a large amount of search traffic from search terms such as “visit Winnipeg” or “things to do in Winnipeg”.

The game plan here was what low-hanging fruit items can we clean-up to help push these rankings even higher, from positions #3-5+ up to positions #1-2 in Google.

We pulled back all pages on the domain, and ran through over 300+ on-page and technical SEO factors to determine which changes we could have implemented ASAP for big wins.

There were a ton of on-site issues; including cleaning up rogue pages in search, fixing load times, and fine-tuning on-site items such as title tags and metadata – just among some of the items found during the audit phase.

One of the most notable changes here was pruning old pages that had no value from a search perspective, that were outdated, and generally had a lack of useful information.

De-indexing these types of pages from Google search can be a very quick and easy way to help drive additional search traffic for domains that have a ton of pages indexed in Google.

Prior to the start, Tourism Winnipeg was sitting at over 10,000+ total pages indexed, and we were able to significantly reduce that number to only pages that provided value to our searchers.

With the help of the team over at Tourism Winnipeg, we were about to introduce the majority of those improvements in under a 2-week time frame.

The Results

Just within six weeks after implementing those changes, the results were clear from those efforts.

We were able to closely track organic results once we started to see a traffic increase, onward for weeks to come versus the previous year:

We saw the following organic traffic growth in less than six weeks post audit implementation:

  • 17.96% increase in organic traffic
  • 18.27% increase in organic sessions

These traffic improvements came from only existing content that was already published and ranking on the website, as no other additional content was added within that time period.

The Head of Marketing over at Tourism Winnipeg had some nice things to say about our quick turn around and the nice traffic boost we were able to bring to the table.

On-page optimizations and technical improvements can help turn around big traffic increases if done correctly.

If you already have an existing website set up, and it’s been a while since your last site audit, it might be time to take a look at review the current status from a high-level to see what improvements you can put in place for some organic traffic gains.

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