SEO for SaaS Companies

SaaS teams need SEO that scales up with their service and brings big results.

We work to acquire new customers through organic traffic at a rapid pace.

Keywords & Topical Analysis

Keywords are a driving factor when it comes to SEO and you need to have your pages optimized and ready to perform when it comes to search.

On-Page SEO

Ensure your product pages rank high in search with our on-page SEO optimization factors to help you beat out the competition and get before the eyes of your customers.

Link Building

Build high-quality, targeted links to your brand's website including target landing pages to help push your pages up to the top of search results.
We're SaaS SEO experts

SEO for SaaS Companies Who Want Results

Software as a Service (SaaS) is still one of the quickest growing industries in 2020 and will continue to see substantial growth for many years to come. SaaS companies are growing at such an exponential rate, it’s a super exciting time for existing businesses that operate off this model. Low overhead and recurring review keep the pot sweet for many newcomers to the SaaS scene.

With this in mind, competitors are entering the scene left, right and center, begging the question – how does your business stand out from all of the others?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely effective way to organically market your business, and get your message before the eyes of potential customers. There is no better way to hit all levels of the funnel, and generate leads for your business than by creating a bulletproof SEO strategy, and executing upon that plan. If you're not competing organically, your organization is missing out on sales and a large chunk of new potential revenue. Work with an industry SaaS SEO expert, and put together a blueprint to start driving organic leads to your business.

SEO SaaS Marketing

3 Reasons SEO is Important for SaaS Companies

Understanding how exactly your customers are searching, and how you can build content that answers those search queries is a crucial part in the overall SEO strategy for your business.

It's important to know which issues your customers are facing that you can help to solve, understand how you're currently helping customers to find those solutions
with your service and existing content, and what type of new content you can create to help bridge that gap and answer those questions for your customers and provide your solution right to their fingertips.
Using SEO can be one way to not only help answer questions to problems but to provide to potential customers that you have a solution for their problems and that your SaaS offering is the correct answer as a provider.

By ensuring that you optimize your website for search and targetting particular queries, you can get in front of the eyes of these customers to showcase your solution and why your business has the answer to their problems.
Not only is it important to know what your customers are asking, but if you have an answer and solution for that question, you need to be helping to answer their problem and providing value.

Creating high-quality content that is the best out there on these subjects, and by promoting it to the maximum is how you generate brand awareness and win new potential customers.

30%+ Increase in Organic Traffic in 8 Weeks

"Justin and his team are very well versed in all things SEO and SEM.

They work well beyond the scope of the project to provide a clear path forward for SEO/SEM management.

Our digital properties have seen much success after working with them, and we look forward to collaborating as we tweak and monitor our sites moving forward."

Cody Chomiak, Director of Marketing

5-star reviewed marketing agency

Why work with Rock The Rankings?

Increase organic traffic.
Drive conversions.
Work with an expert team.

What are you waiting for?

Laser-Focused on Traffic and Positive ROI

We help drive traffic and positive campaign ROI with our process-driven SEO strategy. It doesn't matter if you're a small business or enterprise-sized organization, we understand that every single dollar counts. Our main goal is to drive traffic and conversions for your business, with clear tracking each step of the way on ROI.

Fast Kick-off and Frictionless Team Integration

We kick things off immediately, to start yielding results as quickly as possible. Our team becomes your in-house dedicated SEO team, helping to extend and collaborate on your ideas, goals and current initiatives. Knowledge-sharing is at the forefront of our efforts, as our team of SaaS SEO experts work closely together with your business.

Process-Driven Strategy Made for Results

We know what works when it comes to SEO for SaaS companies. We've developed a strategy for each step of the way to guide the process, and ensure we're implementing strategy and changes that will have a big impact. With full transparency every step of the way, we're ready to help grow your business and take your rankings to the next level.

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