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Planning a Website Migration?
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Migrating your website doesn't need to be a headache waiting to happen.

Work with a professional team that will ensure a flawless migration, and remove the chances of any traffic drops from the equation.

Discovery & Strategic Planning

Our team of website migration experts first sit down and understand the type of migration you wish to execute, along with timelines and crucial steps for achieving success along the way.

Winning Migration Process

Once we've crossed our T's and dotted the I's, we begin the migration using the same winning process we've used for many clients time-after-time to ensure smooth sailing post-migration.

Smooth Migration Execution

Your team is looped in every step of the way. Post-migration, you'll receive a comprehensive migration report, including traffic monitoring and full-site crawling to confirm completion.

Website Migration Service

Website Migrations Made Simple

Let's start out with a question - What is a website migration?

During a website migration, a website undergoes changes to its structure, URLs, content, design, and sometimes even the platform that it's running on. Website migration can be as simple as changing the URL structure to be more user friendly, or moving completely over to a new content management system (CMS).

There are many different types of migrations that exist, but the key factor in the equation for all of those migrations is ensuring a smooth transition, and avoiding any types of performance drops such as losing your hard-earned Google rankings.

Whenever you migrate websites, you want to ensure that you do it the correct way. The correct way is by mitigating any chances of traffic drops due to an incorrect migration. In some cases, it's possible to remedy traffic drops and rankings losses, but a much easier way is to avoid them altogether in the first place.
Let's face it - website migrations can be painful and tedious.

But they don't have to be.

Working with an experienced migration team, you remove any guesswork from the equation, and ensure it's smooth sailing once the migration is complete. Through years of experience, and with the great knowledge of our experienced digital marketing team, Rock The Rankings provides website migration services that allow your business to focus on what your best at.

We do all of the heavy lifting to ensure for a flawless migration whether you're changing your URL structure, going through a website re-design, or switching completely to a new CMS.

Our team of website migration experts wrote a comprehensive guide on website migrations, feel free to check it out to get a bird's eye view of our process.

The Website Migration Overview

Good things to know about website migrations

There are plenty of types of website migrations that exist out there in the wild.
Those migrations include the following types:

Domain name change: This migration normally happens when a business is rebranding and has decided to move from an old domain to a new domain.

Content Management System Migration: Happening quite often, a business decision is made to move from one CMS to another, for example migrating from SquareSpace to a WordPress website. This is also known as “replatformming" and falls under the category of WordPress migration services.

Protocol change: Moving your domain from non-secure HTTP over to secure HTTPs, switching from an old hosting provider over to a new hosting provider, or a website transfer over to new web hosting.

Subdomain or subfolder change: Moving certain chunks of the website into subfolders or subdomains. A change that is common within the international SEO space.

Site structure changes: Structural changes to the website that can have an impact on the internal linking structure of the website.

Content migrations: Pruning content, re-writing content, and consolidating content which can have SEO repercussions if done incorrectly.

Website redesigns: Changing the overall UX and design of a website, whether just on a few pages or site-wide.

If you're unsure of your migration type, we can learn more during an initial discovery call to understand the effort behind that migration.
There are a few good things to know before starting a migration. The key to success with any migration is both planning and testing prior to executing any final migration.

These are the website migration best practice steps to keep in mind pre-migration:

• Let your users know that you are planning on migrating your website. It’s always best to give a head’s up prior to completing a site-wide migration.

• Always, always, always make a backup prior to any type of migration. Just in case something goes wrong, you’ll have the peace of mind that you have a copy
of everything stored in a safe place.

• If you’re planning on completing multiple types of migrations, don’t dive in all at once. Always work in steps to avoid issues.

• Never migrate the entire website all at once. Chunk the migration into pieces, and continually test as you move throughout the process.

• Always migrate during times of low-traffic. Generally, you want to complete a migration when users are not active on your website, and this is something you can find out prior to a migration using the likes of Google Analytics.
When not done properly, site migrations can cause a large drop in search rankings.

Website migrations are a large undertaking for this exact reason, and it's always a great starting point to first understand the exact reason why migration is required.

If you're migrating your website, and you've done everything right, it is typical to see a temporary drop in rankings.

There is no need to panic. If you've done everything correctly, your rankings will rebound as Google crawls your new website and finds the content and URLs.

Typically website traffic will rebound anywhere from a few days, up to 1-2 weeks.

If your traffic has not rebounded post-migration, you'll want to remedy the traffic drop and investigate the root cause.

Often times, this can deal with a lack of URL mapping and 301 redirects in place (broken links).

Work with a 5-star digital marketing agency that knows website migrations

Website Migration Experts

Why work with Rock The Rankings?

Full transparency each step along the way.
Avoid ranking drops with our professional services.
Work with a digital marketing team comprised of website migration experts.

What are you waiting for?

We're a team of experts

Website migrations can be complex and require know-how to successfully execute successfully. A botched website migration is a lot harder to recover than doing it right the first time. Work with a team of experts that know website migrations, and that can ensure project success.

Full strategy, planning and project execution

Not only do we provide website migration strategy, but we also fully-support and conduct the analysis, planning and execution phases. Whether you're looking for assistance with the right strategy to migrate, or end-to-end website migration services, we've got you covered.

Keep your hard-earned Google traffic

Whether you're moving to a new site or looking to implement a series of URL re-directs, you want to do it the right way the first time to avoid downtime or even worse, a loss of Google rankings. We measure twice (and sometimes even three times) and cut once to make sure for a successful migration.

Ready for a smooth and successful website migration?

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