+333% Increase in Content Leads over 6 Months

Creating a Content Moat for the World's #1 Hackathon Organizer

The B2B team at Hackathon.com partnered up with RTR to build a content-marketing machine.

Client Feedback

“Thanks to Rock The Rankings’ efforts, the website’s organic traffic has almost doubled. The team has maintained a solid process, leading to seamless collaboration. They have been excellent at managing expectations.”

Haley Hughes – Hackathon.com

The Client

Hackathon.com is the world’s go-to resource for everything Hackathon-related – from both showcasing Hackathons occurring worldwide, to helping organizations properly create and run their own hackathons to recruit and retain top talent.

The team at Hackathon.com has built some of the world’s best hackathon resources both on the B2B and well as on B2C side – hence being known as the go-to resource within their industry.

Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

  • There’s nothing more powerful than building proper SEO silos. This allows you to easily distribute link value among pages in the silo, and drive relevancy to Google for the topics you’re trying to rank.
  • CTR matters so much – you’re leaving a lot on the table if you’re not optimizing and creating great copy for your meta titles and meta descriptions.

The Actions

The gameplan for driving content leads and MQLs for Hackathon.com was simply:

Start creating world-class value-add, informational content build for our industry and target audience.

This content would act as a core component of the following goals:

  • Increase brand awareness and top-funnel search traffic
  • Build high-quality linkable assets to fuel link acquisition
  • Provide webinar and sales assets

The content strategy revolves around building out the right topics based on upcoming initiatives, and mapping that back against search volume where applicable.

With proper on-page optimization and content briefs, writers would have everything they need to be combined with their creativity and expertise to build world-class assets for our audience.

Additionally, and as always, content silos are a big support pillar for driving organic growth:

The content silo method allows us to group these relevant categories into buckets, and properly drive rankings across all pages.

What Stands Out

  • A massive increase in content leads and MQLs
  • Huge improvements on CTR across core pages from 0.8 to 3.1 on average

The Results

Hackathon.com was able to see a major lift in organic visibility within a 6-month timeframe from the content strategy and content creation efforts.

Inbound content leads have increased 333% versus the previous year, and there’s no sign of stopping with a lot of room for further organic growth.

Notably, there has also been a huge improvement in the overall traffic and impressions (of course, fueling the inbound lead growth) as well as a drastic improvement to CTR.

Ready to build your customer acquisition engine?

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Ready to build your customer acquisition engine?

Book a 1-on-1 intro call with our founder.
Start growing faster, starting today.