Hiring a SaaS Marketing Agency - What You Should Know First

It's time to stop guessing your way to growth - let's make organic your customer growth engine.

The Grow Faster framework provides your team with a proven roadmap, playbooks, and expertise to bring confidence and a well-structured strategy to the revenue growth journey.


A proven SaaS growth framework during economic uncertainty

Drastic changes have occurred in the buyer’s journey over the past half-decade, and even more concerning many, demand has come to a screeching halt due to reduced budgets.

While all of that’s happening, thousands of SaaS and Tech companies experienced peak growth in 2024 and continue to accelerate through a down economy and into what seems to be even “harsher” times to come.

So, what is the secret that those high-growth companies know that allows them to continue to grow, win market share, and blow past the other competitors in their respective segments?

It’s simple – in times of economic uncertainty, growth-focused companies pump the gas and accelerate their marketing spend, seizing the opportunity presented by weakened competitors in their market.

Many parallels can be drawn here, but marketing spend and personal investing in assets are the exact same concept — when is the best time to buy all of the deals? Of course, when the market has tanked, and everyone else is out.

We want everyone to succeed, but unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.

High-growth companies win from the continual reputation of the right actions.

Those exact actions are what we’ve built our entire framework on:

  • Capture — The ability to capture best-fit buyers by gaining their attention across marketing channels
  • Connect—We build a connection and resonating fit with those buyers through our entire content strategy, including our actual offer and position, as well as speaking to their pain and desired outcomes through using our product.
  • Convert Creating long-term relationships with buyers that will lower our CAC over time and build a sustainable acquisition model for acquiring more customers.

We’ve helped dozens of B2B SaaS and Tech companies accelerate growth last year alone, and we’ll continue to help drive growth in 2023 and beyond – regardless of what the economy does.

If you’re ready to stop guessing with your marketing efforts and unlock your true potential and all of the existing opportunities that are in front of you – the Grow Faster Framework will help you achieve those goals, and smash through your growth targets.

Who we are and what we do

You’re likely not looking for just another marketing agency or consultant – rather a specialized growth partner that knows how to grow SaaS and Tech businesses from the ground up.

The agency experience can be quite a turn-off – the vetting and hiring process is essentially a crapshoot – where you’re hoping the team can actually execute after putting on a great song and dance during initial sales conversations.

We’re different in the way that we operate compared to traditional agencies in the fact that the exact team you initially connect with during the first discussions is the same team that you’ll be working with throughout the partnership, including directly with our founders.

Through years of experience, we’ve crafted and perfected a framework that helps to deliver a predictable approach to scaling demos and trials for SaaS and tech companies.

Our framework leverages the following areas of our expertise:

  • SEO the strategy, optimization, and execution that allows your business to become a leader in your market and own the search engine results of Google.
  • Content Creation building content that actually drives revenue and focuses on resonating with our problem and solution-aware audiences
  • Link Building Building powerful PR and link-building campaigns on autopilot through the process of creating high-grade linkable assets that naturally get linked to

These areas of expertise are leveraged across our growth framework to help fuel predictable and scalable customer acquisition.

If you’re looking for a growth partner with a proven framework, rather than an agency – you’re in the right place.

The first 120 days

Starting off any partnership on the right foot is imperative to long-term success.

Our goals within the first 120 days are:

  • Build a detailed roadmap focused on demand generation efforts that are prioritized by the greatest potential impact and least required effort, in order to start achieving measurable results in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Drive execution at full speed so we can easily prove a positive return on the partnership.
  • Implement our framework and reporting that will allow us to clearly track through attribution what’s working, and what’s not – so we can amplify the former.

At the end of our first 120 days, we’ll have a clear path forward for capturing demand and customer acquisition over the coming quarters, as well as a handful of quick wins already under our belt.

The ideal client for us

There’s nothing worse than making a wrong hire – and choosing the right-fit clients for us is our number one objective from the get-go.

We only work with a set number of clients each quarter, and there are a few specifics we look for when considering an engagement:

  • Encourages bi-directional communication – in order for us to have success, we have to be able to extract core information about your business, customer base, and your specific goals.
  • Is ready to move fast, and has the bandwidth and buy-in internally to execute on recommendations.
  • Wants to own their industry, but needs help with the heavy lifting and execution on the strategy side.
  • You’re committed to making your digital marketing efforts the core driver of customer acquisition, as well as committed to using a framework that will field the customer acquisition process.
  • Believes in our expertise, and allows us to drive the direction using our Grow Faster framework.

Investment, ROI, and Thoughts on Pricing

When it comes down to it, it’s black and white – you’re either able to get results, or you’re not. Here are our thoughts on investment, ROI, and pricing:

  • More Value — We produce faster value and results vs. hiring an in-house employee that takes months to train up. The same goes for traditional-style agencies that are focused on the old way of doing things, and lack expertise in the SaaS and Tech space.
  • Fast Moving — Our goal is to drive measurable results (demos and trials) within the first 120 days of our engagement.
  • Results — We’re focused on driving, measuring, and amplifying real metrics – which in your case are demos and trials. Keywords, clicks, and impressions are not of interest.
  • Expertise — We’re specialized for a reason – this is not an engagement where we try random activities and guess what works. We know what works, and what to avoid.

The investment of working together with us starts at $5,000 per month with an initial 120-day commitment timeframe.

At the end of the day, if we find you to be a right-fit client for us – that we’re confident that our partnership will provide a positive return on your investment.

If we don’t believe we can make up our fees by increasing your revenue, we’ll be up-front about it during our initial conversations and suggest other routes you might want to consider.

Ready to start growing faster?

Our team loves what we do day in, day out and we’re extremely proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve for our partners.

By having the chance to work with great clients, we’ll continue to grow no matter what the economy does by working with teams that believe in growth and that are ready to move fast and execute.

Are you looking to accelerate growth in 2023, and beyond? If so, we might just be the right fit for each other to build a long-lasting growth partnership together to help you take your growth to new heights.

Book a call below to setup a 1-on-1 call with our Founder to learn more, and see if it could be a fit.