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Over two-thirds of B2B buyers start their search process using search. Getting in front of those buyers with SEO can provide a huge boost to traffic, MQLs and revenue.

Work with a B2B SEO company that gets results, and starting seeing big increases in your leads and revenue.

Keyword & Search Intent Analysis

Identifying keywords to target and rank for is one of the largest aspects of having success with B2B SEO. We target high-volume keywords with minimal competition to drive rankings and target users at all parts of the funnel.

Content Marketing & Content Strategy

Content is the building block for success with it comes to search engine optimization. Building the right kind of content for your audience, and for the different parts of the marketing funnel will be crucial to reaching converting visitors.

High-Quality Link Building

Building high-quality links in a white hat fashion is the icing on the cake when it comes to having SEO success for any business. Links are one of the biggest ranking factors and will be one of the driving forces of our plan.
B2B SEO Marketing Services

Implement a Strategy for Lead Generation & Traffic Growth

Understanding both the B2B industry and how to properly capture the target audience is crucial when it comes to success with SEO. When it comes to content marketing and B2B searchers, they simply want to understand your product or service offering and the exact details of what they will be getting. Having a deep understanding of your customers and their behavior is crucial to having success online. Creating buyer personas and talking with your actual customers gives great insights into understanding more about their thought process and how you can utilize that to create content that attracts similar customers.

The goal here is to understand what types of search queries drive buyers to make a purchase. In the world of B2B, most conversions will happen during a sales consultation, and that's why its crucial to drive warm leads right into the hands of your sales team.
Not only is it enough to understand the B2B buyer's journey, but we also must be showing up in the search results that count. Building the authority of your business, creating key landing pages to target your audience and having a proper funnel setup is how you can both attract and convert these leads into paying customers using SEO.

B2B marketing is all about understanding both how to rank highly in the search engine results of Google and other
search engines. At the same time, conversation rate optimization (CRO) always plays a large role in driving more targeted
leads to B2B websites.

Best Practices for B2B SEO

What's Important to Know When It Comes to B2B SEO

Understanding what B2B searchers and searching for and what Google is displaying is crucial to creating the right type of content.

When you can create content that answers specific queries related to your products or services, you're able to capture users at different parts of the funnel and convert them into customers in the case of "purchase" keywords.
There are many ways to engage your potential customers through search, and it's important to have different types of content at the ready, from product and service landing pages to hub and spoke blog content.

Not only do you want to know when to use that content in the right way, but also create engaging content that stands out from the competition.
Plenty of searchers will visit your website through content and not instantly convert. They will need multiple touch points, and that's why it's important to drive users to subscribe to your mail list, build relationships with them and earn their trust to turn them into paying customers.

Building additional content and assets to help push them over the finish line is a great way to achieve this through content strategy.
When it comes to getting results with B2B SEO, focusing on the core foundation of SEO elements are what it takes to move the needle:

• SEO audit - assuming you have an existing WordPress domain, crawling your domain, and deep-diving into each page to find quick-wins and improvements that can bring big traffic gains.

• Keyword research - understanding your target audience, how they're searching, and building this into a content marketing strategy. Additionally, focusing on low competition, high-volume keywords, and not forgetting to add in long-tail keywords.

• On-Page SEO - page optimization to focus on including the right title tags, meta description, and h1 tags for each relevant web page you create.

• Technical SEO - reviewing the structure of internal links, page speed, web design for mobile-friendliness, and other aspects that work in the background to determine your rankings.

• Content Marketing - creating high-quality content based on an editorial calendar that will help to drive more organic traffic over time by focusing on the right topics relevant to your searchers.

• Local SEO - for the local business trying to rank in Google Maps, configuring pages to perform in the local results and include the correct on-page elements is crucial.

• Reporting - pulling data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other SEO tools to understand how you're performing and mapping that back against previous results over time.

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Laser-Focused on Traffic and Positive ROI

We help drive traffic and positive campaign ROI with our process-driven B2B SEO strategy. It doesn't matter if you're a small business or enterprise-sized organization, we understand that every single dollar counts. Our main goal is to drive traffic and conversions for your business, with clear tracking each step of the way on ROI.

Fast Kick-off and Frictionless Team Integration

We kick things off immediately, to start yielding results as quickly as possible. Our team becomes your in-house dedicated SEO team, helping to extend and collaborate on your ideas, goals and current initiatives. Knowledge-sharing is at the forefront of our efforts, as our team of of B2B experts work closely together with your business.

B2B SEO Services Made for Results

We know what works when it comes to B2B SEO. We've developed a strategy for each step of the way to guide the process, and ensure we're implementing strategy and changes that will have a big impact. Whether you're in the SaaS, eLearning, or health industry, we've worked with clients across all industries and understand what it takes to move the needle. With full transparency every step of the way, we're ready to help grow your business and take your rankings to the next level.

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