SaaS content writing services that drive sales pipeline and revenue.

We help SaaS companies consistently hit their growth goals and acquire right-fit customers by building revenue-focused content.

— Consistently hit your demo and signup targets

— Build a scalable content and SEO strategy that drives revenue

— Implement a predictable framework to drive revenue growth

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Build content with confidence, at scale.

Creating content can be severely limited without having a skill in-house team that can build revenue-focused content that supports every step of the buyer’s journey.

That’s where we come in.

Rock The Rankings has built a framework that helps SaaS businesses scale their content, without the need for any in-house involvement – all while keeping quality at maximum.

Our revenue-focused content framework focuses on building content that:

1. Drives Conversions: By honing in on the core problems and pains of your users, content can be the primary driver of signups and demos.

2. Increases Brand Awareness: Well-written SaaS content can pique the interest of potential customers and help establish a brand’s presence in the saturated software-as-a-service market.

3. Educate customers: Explaining complex concepts and features in a simple and clear manner allows the audience to better understand the product, and allow them to educate themselves prior to any sales engagement so they come ready with more-focused questions, and concerns to be disarmed.

This exact step-by-step framework allows us to build a revenue-drive acquisition model to fuel your business growth and fill the pipeline with qualified demos and trials for your business.

It’s time to implement a predictable content strategy that works.


$150k Increase in organic traffic value and 3x in demos

Reformulating searcher and Google intent across bottom, top and mid-funnel pages combined with some good ol' elbow grease (aka conversion rate optimization).

  • +210% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • +150k Increase in Traffic Value
  • +110 Earned Links

You want to scale customer acquisition - here's how we make that happen time-and-time again for our clients


B2B SaaS adds $300k+ in OTV and doubles signups

Developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy and properly utilizing internal links was the key to growth on this one. The cornerstone starting post for most organizations with a ton of low-hanging fruit wins.

  • +200% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 500+ Links Earned
  • $195k Monthly Traffic Value

Our SaaS SEO growth framework for driving sales pipeline and revenue

Watch the exact framework we've used for hundreds of clients to generates millions in ARR leveraging an SEO-focused strategy.

Want to get a better idea of exactly how we work? Get FREE access to our entire growth framework.


What if you could scale content without an in-house team of writers?

Our Grow Faster content framework has driven millions of dollars of revenue for our SaaS clients.

Here's exactly how we work, what makes us different than the traditional "agency" and why we can also help you to grow.

You're tired of lackluster results and not enough attention - we have a better way

We get it – we’ve made the mistake of hiring vendors in the past that weren’t able to execute and were juggling simply too many clients.

They seemed great on the outside, but we all know the sales process looks a bit different oftentimes compared to what you get after signing up.

Here’s how we’ve changed that, and how we’re different:

— You work one-on-one with our founder from your initial strategy call, throughout the entire engagement. No other SaaS agency offers this level of one-on-one attention.

— We only work with 5 total right-fit clients per quarter. We have to be picky with choosing the right clients for us to ensure we drive top-notch results.

— We focus on driving positive ROI in the first 90 days of our engagement with no long-term commitments – you’ll immediately see real quantifiable results and know you’re ready to hire us for more.

If you’re looking for a different experience than you’re used to when it comes to attention and execution, you’re in the right spot.

Learn more here.

You want real results, lifts in demos and signups - we've got you

We’re focused on real, measurable results – demos and signups that translate directly to revenue.

Within the first 90 days of our engagement, it’ll be clear that we walk the walk.

We focus on attracting right-fit buyers, and building your business as an authority and go-to name in your market.

— Drive demand: Build a pipeline of right-fit, qualified buyers.

— Drive pipeline: Implement a predictable framework that turns website visitors into actual prospects.

— Build authority: Become to go-to solution in your market, and the known name for solving your persona’s core problems.

We track our core metrics against ROI to make it crystal clear on what you’re spending, and what that’s putting back in the pocket of the business.

You need a well-rounded team to fill gaps, and understands the core movers of organic

Our approach to organic is a bit different than others.

We hyper-focus on pulling the two core growth levers to drive organic customer acquisition:

  1. Revenue-Focused Content
  2. Authority Building

We focus on the following core comprehensive areas to drive results:

— SaaS SEO Strategy Roadmapping: Building a unique strategy based on your exact situation, and roadmapping action items that are going to drive customer aqquisition.

— SaaS Keyword Research: Keyword research is driven by internal knowledge and datapoints, not from popular “tools”.

— Content Creation for SaaS: Content built for problem and solution-aware audiences that ties directly back to revenue.


Learn exactly how we think before you hire us to accelerate growth

Content and learning resources to help you up - build with us step-by-step using our proven growth framework.

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