B2B SEO Case Study

Driving A 3x Increase in MQLs Using Bizzabo’s Existing Content Assets

Reformulating searcher and Google intent across bottom, top and mid-funnel pages

Client Overview

  • Vertical: Restaurant PoS
  • Funding Stage: Series F
  • Services Provided: SEO & Content Marketing

The Client

Bizzabo is a premiere SaaS platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, powering events for the world’s leading brands including Forbes, Hubspot’s INBOUND, Dow Jones, Gainsight, and many more. 

Their client list includes some of the world’s most well-known organizations including Siemens, HubSpot, Salesforce, and CNBC.

The Challenge

The challenge at hand here was simple – putting a strategy in place for reformulating searcher and Google intent across the bottom, top, and mid-funnel pages.

Coming into this engagement, Bizzabo had a ton of existing content assets that simply weren’t performing when it came to driving engagement and MQLs.

The issue was two-fold:

  1. Search and Google intent mismatch
  2. Lack of “on-page” basics and structuring to the content itself

Restructuring this content on a page-by-page level, and utilizing content silos would help to drive big wins when it comes to MQLs.

The Solution

Focusing on existing content assets, the starting point would be to understand how the content was interlinking to other relevant pieces, and how/what specific primary keyword each page was attempting to rank for.

This engagement touched content and all three levels, including the bottom, middle, and top of the funnel.

Bizzabo is an extremely authoritative business, meaning simply by optimizing from an on-page perspective, there were a ton of big wins here to be had.

The first plan of attack was to formulate the bottom-funnel pages to drive immediate rankings and inbound.

Once we were able to remap all of the bottom-funnel pages back to the best primary keyword, we then wanted to interlink relevant pieces of content to each bottom-funnel page for both the mid and top-funnel content using the silo approach:

The individual mid and top-funnel pages were re-worked across all core on-page items, including the actual post structure to allow them to meet both searcher and Google intent, as well as to rank for additional relevant secondary keywords, as well as relevant snippets.


Client Feedback

“They simply get SEO; which levers to pull and when. During my search for the right partner, I already had a pretty clear idea about what was needed – they shared a very similar vision, and brought some additional great ideas to the table.”

Tommy Klouwers – Senior Marketing Manager at Bizzabo

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The Results

We saw a 3x increase in MQLs driven directly attributed to our on-page and content restructuring efforts, namely due to a lack of prior ranking due to technical errors and targeting issues within the content itself.

It’s clear based on the Google Search Console snapshot below that there was huge growth and impact within a 3-4 week period after implementing these changes to the content and the internal linking structure.

We also saw a direct massive impact on keyword positions and rankings across the core primary keywords targeted at each step of the funnel:

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Ready to build your customer acquisition engine?

Book a 1-on-1 intro call with our founder.
Start growing faster, starting today.