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Justin Berg
Justin Berg

Founder of Rock The Rankings

If you’re looking to hire a B2B SEO agency, you likely already know that it’s more than just traffic and clicks.

The best B2B SEO agencies bring predictable inbound lead flow to the table and create customer acquisition engines that feed from your ICP searching in Google, and finding your solution.

Choosing the right agency to partner with is a big endeavor, and you want to find the right one that’s going to bring real deal flow and revenue to the table.

To help with the selection and vetting process, we’ve created a list of the top 11 B2B SEO agencies, each that excels in different areas from content marketing strategy, and technical SEO, to long-form content creation.

With notable clients like Asana, HubSpot, Intuit QuickBooks, and Zendesk, these agencies have demonstrated their capabilities in transforming SaaS content marketing efforts and ensuring customer acquisition.

Best B2B SEO Agencies

1. Rock The Rankings


Rock The Rankings has transparent pricing available, which for content marketing is broke down as follows:

  • Done-For-You SEO Content Marketing – Starting at $5.5k per month

Rock The Rankings has an initial 90-day commitment time period, with a month-to-month ongoing engagement timeframe.


According to, Rock The Rankings has 13 total reviews and a 5.0 total average rating.


Recognizable Clients

  • Bizzabo (Series D)
  • Toast (Series D)
  • Lancey (Y-Combinator)
  • Exploding Topics (Co-founded by Brian Dean of

Even though this compilation is crafted by us, drawing upon over a decade of expertise in SEO and design, along with glowing accolades from satisfied clients, we firmly believe that our position at the pinnacle is well-earned.

At Rock The Rankings, a dedicated B2B SEO and content marketing agency oriented towards SEO, and driven by our commitment to clients, our forte lies in producing content that not only ranks but propels businesses toward growth.

To facilitate the journey from start to finish for our clients, we offer an array of complimentary services that won’t strain budgets.

Our one-on-one feel of working with our founder, and compact team distinguishes us from the realm of conventional content marketing agencies that focus on churn and burn efforts.

2. Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting is a marketing agency catering to the needs of tech clients and emphasizing SEO expertise. They are known for their unique Customer Generation marketing strategy, which prioritizes a customer-focused mindset over a product-centered one.

Their array of services includes SEO consulting, PPC advertising, and website design to support the Customer Generation framework. Boasting a team of skilled marketing professionals with a strong background in the tech industry, Directive Consulting is adept at providing effective growth solutions in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Best For: B2B companies with a focus on software and technology industries.

Recognizable Clients: Cherwell, Cisco, and Snow Software.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.

3. RevenueZen

RevenueZen, a B2B SEO agency, excels in exploring new pathways to enhance revenue growth through effective SEO and content strategies. Catering to a variety of industries such as SaaS, fintech, professional services, and renewable energy, their team of experienced marketers assists businesses in building scalable inbound, SEO, and branding strategies.

Best For: Companies in diverse industries looking for unique strategic approaches.

Recognizable Clients: 98point6, Zix, Wonderschool, and Carevoyance.

Pricing: Customized pricing based on the client’s needs and objectives.

4. Straight North

Specializing in SMB SEO, Straight North boasts more than 25 years of data-driven expertise in the digital marketing field. Their vast experience has allowed them to work with recognizable clients such as ECE Global, FV Recycling, Spot, and BluePay.

Straight North offers a variety of SEO services tailored to B2B companies, always focusing on detailed data to ensure the success of their campaigns. Apart from their data-centric SEO campaigns, they also provide B2B SEO services aimed at boosting conversions. These services encompass strategic keyword planning for optimization, as well as professional copywriting to improve engagement and credibility.

Best For: Small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their online visibility.

Recognizable Clients: Electric Guard Dog, PRODEA, and Orthodontic Centers of America.

Pricing: Contact the agency for customized pricing based on specific requirements.

5. Sure Oak

Sure Oak excels in providing full-service SEO solutions with a particular focus on B2B SEO. They have worked with notable clients such as Exact Data, Mercedes-Benz, American Red Cross, and Mayflower. Their services encompass keyword and audience research, content optimization, technical SEO audits, link building, and more.

With a team of experienced B2B SEO consultants, Sure Oak leverages industry best practices to develop strategies aligning with your company’s objectives and driving growth in revenue, leads, conversion rate optimization, domain authority, and cost-efficiency. Their approach ensures a confident, knowledgeable, and clear execution of SEO strategies.

Best For: Growing businesses in need of comprehensive SEO strategies.

Recognizable Clients: EdenPURE, YMOXIE, and Flywheel Sports.

Pricing: Contact Sure Oak for a customized quote.

6. SEOProfy

SEOProfy is an esteemed digital marketing agency specializing in Enterprise SEO. They are known for their data-driven approach to SEO. Their unique strength lies in the development and use of their proprietary SEO tools, which provide valuable insights beyond the capabilities of traditional SEO tools.

Best For: B2B businesses of all sizes looking for expert SEO services.

Recognizable Clients: Promodo, Lemonstand, and Click-Storm.

Pricing: Contact the agency for a customized quote based on your needs.

7. Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital is an organic growth agency that helps B2B software companies optimize their content for growth. By focusing specifically on the SaaS sector, they provide an array of services, such as content strategy, production, optimization, and SEO audits, to ensure effective website crawling and indexing.

With a combination of knowledge and experience in SEO for SaaS, Omniscient Digital’s team is well-prepared to offer guidance and cooperation to companies, allowing them to flourish in their respective industries. If your B2B software company is seeking SEO expertise, Omniscient Digital might be the perfect match for your content marketing needs.

Best For: B2B businesses prioritizing ROI and measurable results.

Recognizable Clients: Samsung, Proofpoint, and Mimecast.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the scope of work and specific requirements.

8. Growth Plays

Specializing in fintech SEO, Growth Plays is a B2B agency that focuses on crafting tailored SEO content strategies to effectively develop clients’ sales pipelines. Renowned for their expertise in SaaS and fintech industries, they have collaborated with clients such as Hopin, Podia, Heap, Lattice, and LaunchDarkly.

Growth Plays harnesses content and search as powerful platforms to establish thought leadership, enhance product marketing, and generate demand. Their arsenal includes link building, analytics, off-page SEO, PPC, advertising, and PPC management, making them ideal for B2B technology businesses and investment funds.

Best For: B2B companies looking for an agency that emphasizes growth and scalability.

Recognizable Clients: Informatica, Glassdoor, and Dialpad.

Pricing: Customized pricing based on project requirements and objectives.

9. Matter Made

Matter Made specializes in demand generation for B2B SaaS companies, enhancing marketing efficiency and sustainable growth through tailored programs. Their expertise covers demand generation, paid media, and RevOps, with an impressive client roster including Calm, G2, Dropbox, Loom, and Yelp.

This agency provides a variety of strategic services, such as campaign strategy and execution, account-based marketing, content marketing strategy, and nurturing campaigns. By crafting customized demand generation programs for each client’s unique growth stage, Matter Made ensures efficient and scalable growth.

Best For: B2B businesses looking for a tailored approach to SEO.

Recognizable Clients: Apache, NIMA, and WhiteHat Security.

Pricing: Contact the agency for a personalized quote based on specific needs.

10. Single Grain

SingleGrain is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in various aspects of online marketing such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing, among others.

The agency primarily focuses on helping businesses grow their online presence, increase web traffic, and achieve higher conversions and ROI from their marketing efforts. SingleGrain usually works with a diverse range of clients including start-ups, enterprises, and established businesses across various industries.

Best For: B2B companies looking to improve their online visibility and generate leads.

Recognizable Clients: Uber, Salesforce, and Yahoo.

Pricing: Customized pricing based on the scope of the project and specific objectives.

How to Choose The Right B2B SEO Agency

1. Focusing on B2B SEO

It’s important to select a B2B SEO agency that specializes in business-to-business marketing, as this will ensure a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities present in the B2B landscape. A B2B-focused agency will create tailored strategies aimed at targeting niche audiences and generating high-quality leads, thus delivering a better return on investment (ROI).

An agency with a core focus on B2B SEO will have experience working with a variety of B2B industries, and will be well-versed in implementing techniques suited to the specific needs and dynamics of these markets. Partnering with such an agency will increase the likelihood of a successful marketing campaign and strengthen your online presence.

2. Proven Methods for B2B Businesses

When choosing a B2B SEO agency, it’s important to consider whether they have a proven track record of promoting businesses similar to yours. An agency that understands the intricacies of your industry will be better equipped to drive results and maximize the potential of your marketing efforts.

Ask potential B2B SEO agencies for case studies or examples of successful campaigns they’ve run in the past for businesses like yours. This will give you a better idea of their capabilities and the potential impact their strategies could have on your marketing campaign. A proven methodology will not only ensure the effectiveness of your campaign, but also increase the overall ROI of your B2B marketing efforts.

3. The Internal Team and Organization

The organization and skill set of the internal team at a B2B SEO agency plays a crucial role in the success of your marketing campaign. A well-organized team with diverse expertise in areas such as content marketing, SEO, design, and development will be better positioned to create and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Inquire about the structure of the agency’s team and their individual roles. A strong team collaboration will promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of your marketing campaign. Additionally, a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in various aspects of digital marketing will ensure your B2B SEO efforts yield optimal results and work towards achieving your business goals.

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