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What Stands Out

Prepory was able to see massive, and continual growth over time due to their mindset of focusing on becoming the leaders in their industry through the quality of their content and learning resources.

The Client

Prepory divides their business into two key areas: one side being college counseling, and the other focusing on career counseling.

Placing students at ivy league colleges, and providing end-to-end career counseling services for professionals to land their next big job is Prepory’s area of expertise.

The goal of this campaign was to drive more targeted leads to Prepory using the power of organic search, both for local clients in the Miami area, as well as clients from around the States.

The Challenge

Starting off this campaign, Prepory was driving virtually zero targeted organic traffic to their website.

The domain has no authority behind it, and a lack of content to hit users at the different phases of the marketing funnel.

The traffic that was being driven organically was from outdated PDF files not related to their actual service offering.

With the help of Prepory, we would look to build out high-quality content to attract the right users to the website, and then look to convert them into paying customers.

The Solution

The main reasons for the lack of organic traffic came down to the following:

  1. Minimal pages targeted to attracting users via search
  2. Lack of backlinks and domain authority
  3. Non-optimized pages with existing opportunities through keyword and topical analysis

The objective of our end-to-end campaign was to focus on these three points to help drive results.

This was also going to be a very content-heavy strategy, focusing on building out a blog with relevant content, as well as new service and local landing pages to properly target searchers running relevant queries in Google.

Additionally, Prepory’s domain authority was also zero to start with. We needed to build high-quality links hitting their service pages each and every month, with a focus on educational links that could help to drive big traffic boosts.

Client Feedback

“They went above and beyond to ensure our business attracted the right people. Our SEO traffic and inbound has increased dramatically since we began working with RTR.”

Daniel Santos – CEO at Prepory

The Results

Starting from virtually no targeted organic traffic, we were quite happy to see such large jumps in organic traffic just a few months into our campaign:

After roughly four and a half months into the campaign, we started to see a major spike in traffic, and the hard work was starting to pay off:

  • 1736+% increase in organic users versus the previous year
  • 784+% increase in organic pageviews versus the previous year

Prepory also saw a huge jump in their organic local rankings, starting off from not ranking virtually anywhere in Google Maps, to ranking in the 3 pack for Local SEO results for terms such as “college counseling” for searches located miles within and around the Miami area.

Working closely with the team at Prepory was a pleasure, especially with their deep desire to also learn SEO and soak up all of

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Ready to build your SEO customer acquisition engine?

Book a 1-on-1 intro call with our founder that includes a FREE custom marketing plan. Start growing faster, today.