23% Increase in signups (B2B)

340% Increase in Organic Traffic for Fintech Startup

Client Overview

  • Industry/Vertical: Fintech/Crypto
  • Services Provided: SEO & Content Marketing


This particular Fintech client is one of the largest players in the crypto space for crypto-related research, data, and tools.

Their ICP included both B2B as well as B2B due to different product offerings, where RTR was responsible for organic customer acquisition on both the B2C as well as the B2B side through different SEO initiatives.

Challenges & Solutions Overview

Our client, a rapidly growing FinTech startup, faced numerous challenges in a highly competitive online environment.

They were struggling to gain visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Core challenges included:

  • Intense Competition: The FinTech industry is saturated with established players, making it difficult for startups to carve out SERP positions for conversion-driving keywords.
  • Limited Content Strategy: They lacked a comprehensive content strategy that could target relevant keywords, answer user queries, and establish authority in their niche.

Results within the Fintech space will widely depend on the existing link profile of the domain.

In this case, we had a solid domain authrity to begin with, but needed to further build the link profile and content library.

Below is a breakdown of the common SEO challenges in the Fintech space, what we experienced, and how we solved them based on the category:


SEO & Content Marketing

1. Recognizing the High Stakes in Fintech

Challenge: The financial value of links in fintech is substantial, given the sector’s profitability. However, these links are challenging to acquire due to the industry’s awareness of their commercial significance.

Solution: Fintech firms must employ savvy strategies and create superior content to earn authoritative backlinks. The focus should be on providing valuable insights and solutions to gain endorsements.


2. Utilizing Direct Answer Sections

Challenge: Providing clear and concise answers to common financial queries is essential for user satisfaction and SEO.

Solution: Incorporate direct answer sections into web design, offering quick explanations for frequent queries.

Position these sections prominently to encourage external sites to cite the content, leading to valuable backlinks.


3. Editorial Review for Y.M.Y.L Content

Challenge: Building trust in the financial sector, where content impacts users’ finances, is paramount.

Solution: Ensure content is authored or vetted by finance professionals, showcase content creators’ qualifications, comply with government regulations, and implement security measures like SSL encryption.


4. Enhancing Fintech Success with User Experience and Content

Challenge: Achieving high organic rankings in competitive finance niches requires a long-term commitment.

Solution: Invest in page-level content quality, proactive link-building strategies, and stellar product offerings.

Focus on providing an exceptional user experience, crafting engaging content, and encouraging user interaction to improve organic traffic and overall success in the fintech sector.


Link Building

1. Utilizing Funding Announcements

Challenge: In a saturated fintech market, securing authoritative links is crucial for SEO success.

Solution: Monitor funding announcements in related sectors, target media outlets that cover competitors’ funding stories, and highlight your company’s funding milestones to attract authoritative industry publications.


2. Targeting the Right Partners

Challenge: Personal finance bloggers often require compensation for links, making them less cost-effective.

Solution: Focus on alternative link-building avenues, such as national and local news outlets, passive link generation through top-tier content, and wellness and special interest groups within the fintech sector.


3. Implementing Efficient Financial Calculators

Challenge: Competing for competitive search terms in fintech requires high-value tools and content.

Solution: Create user-friendly financial calculators that minimize input requirements, use pre-filled data, and employ location detection.

These tools not only improve user experience but also attract organic links, particularly for long-tail keywords.


To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the FinTech sector:

  1. Keyword Research and Analysis: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-potential keywords with reasonable competition. This involved long-tail keywords that targeted specific financial services and user intent.
  2. Content Optimization: We optimized existing content for relevant keywords and created new, high-quality articles and blog posts that addressed user questions and provided valuable insights into financial topics.
  3. Technical SEO Audit: We performed a thorough technical SEO audit to identify and fix on-page and off-page issues that could hinder rankings. This included improving page load times, optimizing mobile responsiveness, and enhancing site architecture. This was a crucial step for this client – due to the nature of their architecture supporting multiple markets, and multiple languages.
  4. Link Building: We implemented a white-hat link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative financial websites. This improved our client’s domain authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.


Fintech is generally a competitive space. Although the campaign is still running and in place, the initial results were impressive for the first 6-month period.

  • ~10k monthly organic visitors to 44k organic within 6 month-period.
  • 14% increase in signups YoY for B2C solution.
  • 23% increase in signups YoY for B2B solution.

Again, although this was a startup – the existing, strong backlink profile made a lot of the initial efforts much easier from a SERP ranking perspective.

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Ready to build your SEO customer acquisition engine?

Book a 1-on-1 intro call with our founder that includes a FREE custom marketing plan. Start growing faster, today.