71% Increase in Inbound Leads

A Successful Migration & Strong Local SEO Growth

A full migration from front and back-end over to driving strong local growth across multiple locations throughout the U.S.

The Client

Bigge provides the U.S. with the largest fleet of both rental and cranes for sales with total coverage across both the West and East Coast. Bigge is known for its extensive fleet and hands-on customer service team – which is exactly why they’ve been serving the U.S. as the largest crane rental company now for well over 100+ years.

As Bigge prepared for an upcoming website re-design and further market penetration into key areas, as well as further national coverage, they engaged RTR to help them successfully migrate over from their old CMS and design into a new home which would provide a breath of fresh air to the business through further visibility and traffic, and increased conversions across their locations nationwide.

The Challenge

Planning a web migration is all about getting it right on the first try – we always want to be mitigating any chance of long-term rankings drops caused by migration.

This undertaking requires analysis, planning, and proper structuring to ensure that the migration goes smooth as butter, and we’re reaping the rewards of having a great user experience once the new site is live.

Outside of the migration, another crucial focus was improving existing Technical SEO aspects of the previous and new site to ensure we’re removing any crawling, indexing, and ranking issues that could cause drops or non-optimal performance of new pages being created and optimized.

The final step was taking a deep look at existing local rankings across nationwide locations to put in place proper strategy both on and off-site to drive inbound local leads through calls and website conversions.

Client Feedback

“What we found most impressive was their deep knowledge of technical SEO, as well as their ability to help us optimize and improve rankings for multiple locations that we have set up for our business.”

Dasha Kugay – Associate Director of Marketing

The Results

Post-migration, we saw a very minimal impact on organic traffic and rankings, which overall is very positive as it can be normal to see a slight drop-off for a few weeks until the new pages/content are crawled and indexed.

As shown by the graph below, the red line demonstrates the launch of the new website and traffic patterns over the coming weeks and months as represented by the yellow line trending upwards.

Local results also began to stick within 2 months post-migration with the implementation of proper on-page across location pages, driving a ton of qualified inbound leads and phone calls directly from the GMB profile itself. There was a 223% increase in inbound phone calls directly from the GMB profile for one single location. This does not represent leads generated directly from the website itself, or the other handful of 15+ locations across the U.S. which also saw impressive inbound leads generated from the local campaign and migration efforts.

Bigge continues to see record-breaking gains month after month both in terms of organic sessions, local inbound leads as well as direct website conversions due to a well-planned migration, as well as proper technical and on-page SEO execution.

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Ready to build your SEO customer acquisition engine?

Book a 1-on-1 intro call with our founder that includes a FREE custom marketing plan. Start growing faster, today.