+210% Increase in Email Subscribers

Building Out a Huge Email List via Organic Traffic

RTR partnered up with the #1 newsletter for software product managers to drive a massive increase in email subscriptions.

Client’s Feedback

“Working with the team at RTR, we’ve seen massive inbound growth of email subscribers – exactly what we were shooting for.”

Paul – Product Collective

The Client

Product Collective is one of the top resources in the software product manager realm for providing courses and resources to help PM’s level up their skills.

They boast multiple yearly conferences both in-person and remote with top speakers contributing to the industry.

With over 30,000+ users subscribed to their platform, they promise to connect users with other product people learning the latest methods, tools, and frameworks used to build, launch and scale world-class software products.

The Actions

The primary goal of this campaign was to increase the total number of net new email subscribers.

Breaking this down, there were a few core areas to make this achievable:

  • Improving CTR and search positions of existing content
  • Conversion rate optimization for the email sign-up process
  • Proper setup of tracking and attribution within Google Analytics
  • Building value-add, informational content to drive brand awareness

This is a pretty competitive space with well-known software providers building-out massive amounts of content.

The gameplan here was to build something better and more valuable in order to act as both linkable assets, as well to drive organic growth.

Post-optimization of existing content, as well as net new content assets, these pieces of top-performing content would act as the sold providers of link value to other relevant pages to help drive search rankings.

What Stands Out

  • Organic is now the number one channel driving new users and email subscribers
  • A solid 272% increase in email subscribers YoY

The Results

Product Collective was able to see massive organic gains, previously flipping all other marketing channels allowing organic traffic to take over the number one spot for new users to the website, as well as the number one source for new email subscribers.

There’s been a massive uptick in organic traffic of with a 186% increase in new organic users and a 210% increase in email subscriptions YoY.

Product Collective continues to grow and a steady pace all with the help of creating world-class content for their target audience.

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