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Whether you’re just planning to enter the German market as a new startup, or you’re an established enterprise-sized organization that is looking to further increase search visibility in both Berlin and Germany, our Berlin SEO team will help to increase both your search presence as well as leads and conversions through our tried and tested processes.

Our team of Berlin SEO experts also works in the reverse direction for German businesses that are looking to gain entry and traction within the U.S. market. We’ve worked with dozens of startups and larger-sized entities to drive growth through search engine optimization within the U.S. market, whether they were located directly in Berlin, other areas of Germany, or even within the EU itself.

With extensive experience in helping to drive growth through visibility, our team focuses on a process-driven approach that continues to work time-after-time with the proper execution in place.

If you’re looking for an established, transparent Berlin SEO company that can help drive growth for your organization, and completely dominate the competition regardless of their size, then you’ve found your match.


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We get what works, and what doesn't and that comes through constant testing of Google's algorithm to understand changes and their impacts on rankings for our clients. This allows us to create a strategy that will be successful both for the short and long-term.

We focus on data as the primary driver of our decisions, as we're not big fans of guesswork.

Our process-driven approach to SEO allows us to implement what we know works best time and time again. Combined with our experience of helping clients both in Germany and DACH, we can help your business establish a core presence within Google.


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Our 5-Step Approach for Success

Technical & On Page SEO Audit

We don’t want to allow anything to hold us back from dominating the search results, that’s why we start off by crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s. This starts by conducting a thorough technical analysis, as well as a page-by-page analysis in order to ensure that we’ve built a solid foundation, and we’re not running into issues when it comes to finding, crawling, and indexing your business in Google.

This is no automated printout from your favorite SEO tool – we actually take a look page-by-page at your website, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to ensure that we don’t miss any important factors. Once we’ve identified those issues, it’s time to implement resolutions in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Keyword & Topical Analysis

We break down the keyword research process into two parts – keyword analysis for pages that already exist on the website, and might already be ranking, and keyword research for new pages that have yet to have been created. The basis for being able to rank in Google is understanding and analyzing metrics around keywords, their competitiveness, and what it will take for us to get to the top spot.

By taking an in-depth approach, we look at competitors' keywords through gap analysis, and identify gaps in existing pages based on Google Search Console data which allows us to start building our a strategy for domination over your competition.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Typically, we drive the biggest results for our clients through On-Page SEO, as it’s our bread and butter. By analyzing and reverse engineering what’s already working for pages that are ranking for target keywords, we take a data-driven approach towards understanding both what Google wants to see on a page, as well as what the user is expecting to see when they type a particular keyword into Google.

We take that analysis and begin to construct detailed outlines which are the foundation for creating and/or improving pages to give them everything they need in order to maximize ranking results.

Content Marketing

No money, no honey – the same goes with content. No great content, no rankings. We want to make your business the authority in your industry, and we can achieve that by providing the structure and basis needed to create great content. Whether it’s top-funnel informational content on the blog, or bottom-funnel landing pages built to convert, we want to put together a content marketing strategy that is going to allow your business to roll over the competition.

By building content that focuses on topic silos, we start building a spider web of interwoven pages which not only helps to keep users in the flow as they consume your content but also leverages internal linking which can provide huge gains.

Building Authority & Trust

Authority in the eyes of Google comes from not only creating great content but also having high-quality inbound links from other websites. You can think of content as the jet fuel, but inbound links are the jet fuel that will ignite everything. If your website is lacking external links pointing, we want to focus on acquiring links that are going to make the entire campaign and success.

Link building is a tedious process, but hey, someone has to do it.


Why choose Rock The Rankings as your Berlin SEO Agency

We're ROI Focused

Forget the vanity metrics, we care about driving positive campaign ROI and proving that out as quickly as possible with numbers that actually matter.

We've Got The Expertise

Our team eats, lives, and breathes SEO. With a combined 35+ years of experience in search engine marketing, we get what works and how to execute.

We Deliver Results

In the end, results are what matter. We have a rock-solid process in place that drives client results and is the primry reason we have very low client turnover.


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