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Last Updated: April 15, 2023 9 min
Justin Berg
Justin Berg

Founder of Rock The Rankings

We’re in some pretty uncertain economic times and that translates to budget cuts, team sizes being reduced, and for a lot of SAS teams, especially smaller teams, having to do more with less.

Going into 2023 and beyond, we’re not so sure when that’s actually going to improve.

So the question is, what exact strategies are working right now in B2BB SaaS to acquire more customers while still having less budget to work with?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a SaaS founder yourself, or running marketing of a small team – leveraging video content can help you to propel your custom acquisition, and build a scalable system for content distribution and creating demand for your product.

I’m going to walk you through step-by-step on how you can leverage video in 2023 and beyond.

Let’s dive in.

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Getting Started with Video Content

The number one thing that you can be doing right now, this exact minute, is starting to film high-quality video content. And by high-quality video content, you don’t need a $5,000 – $10,000 setup to get started to start doing this.

You can literally pick up your iPhone or your Samsung, whatever you have, and just start filming to start.

Something is better than nothing.

Because if you go and film and put a personal approach and a personal touch to the specific problem that your SaaS product solves and you use and leverage that in social channels on your website, potentially later in Paid, ads and organic ads.

When you have budget again, you’re already starting to build an inventory of high-quality video content that is going to allow you to actually have that personal touch with your right fit buyers.

Now, if I was to start doing this today, what I would do is open up Google Drive and create a new sheet or take a pen and paper and literally start writing down what are the core twelve problems that you hear from prospects that our solution solves.

  1. Column A: Core Problem
  2. Column B: How we solve it

Take your phone, and film a 3-5 minute video answering each question.

This is the process of then taking that content and you can cut that up.

You can cut that up for LinkedIn.

That might turn into two or three or four different additional videos per topic that you can be leveraging and promote on LinkedIn organically, simply by building a following on LinkedIn and creating that topical authority by publishing this content.

So by going and actually building this video content, you’re going to see a ton of different benefits.

But I would say the top three that come to mind for me are first of all, you’re going to be able to establish your business as a thought leader in your space.

Sit down and ask yourself, how many of our competitors right now are leveraging high-quality, “human” video on their website, on organic, social, even in paid ads?

I guarantee you that maybe there are one or two, but the vast majority are still not leveraging video content.

And we all know that in order to connect with somebody, that visual body language, that actually seeing that person, hearing that person builds a very, very strong connection compared to just going and publishing blog content, right?

That is one small component of it.

But video is extremely powerful and video will allow you to scale building those topics much, much faster.

The other big benefit of positioning yourself as a thought leader in your space is starting to open up opportunities for building your network further.

But off the back of that, actually having the ability then to go on different podcasts that are recognized in your specific space and why that’s so powerful is that obviously, that’s going to give you free PR, that’s going to give you free promotion for your product.

And again, how did you actually build that connection?


You build it through video, which cost basically nothing to make.

This takes us to our next part, and considering the real benefits of leveraging video to help your SaaS grow faster.

1. Lead generation through LinkedIn and social channels

Another great way to leverage video is directly on LinkedIn, Twitter or wherever your audience hangs out.

Again – same question, same answer – how many people are really doing video in your space?

My guess, is minimal to zero.

Video can help you to stand out in the crowded social feeds of written content – it’s a well-known fact that imagery and or video content helps to massively boost post views, engagement, and interactions across platforms.

You already have a base of problem-based content you can start to re-purpose and re-share on channels – start to leverage it as you build your audience, and stand out from the crowd and to your target audience simply using your wisdom, and body language.

2. Build authority in your segment

Establishing yourself as an authority in your space with video makes it much easier than traditional methods of written content.

Anyone can write content, and have thoughts – and with the rise of Chat GPT, the SERPs are going to only become more crowded with sub-par content.

Guess what most businesses, nor AI can properly do?

Write a stellar script, get on video and actually record it.

That’s how you can go and build yourself as a thought-leader in your space – get your face out there, be heard, and share your deep opinions and expertise on everything you know.

Video will help you get to a level and rise above the competition much faster than simple, traditional written content – regardless of if that’s own your website, social channels or really any channel.

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3. Acquire digital PR and links

Using video to further get your brand, business and face out there will also open you open to acquiring natural links to your website.

A great example of this is reaching out to podcasts within your industry and space, and now you have a portfolio of you actually speaking and the other person can get to know you fast – and know you’ll add value as a guest on their show.

Bonus points – film a Loom video when you reach out to them and include a link to your video content to see if it resonates and could be a fit for there audience.

Additionally, video within standard blog content adds another level of depth and quality, making it a great linkable asset.

4. Content creation through repurposing at scale

Video will allow you to create content at scale through transcription.

The high-level process would look as such:

  1. Create a script for your video content
  2. Film your video content
  3. Edit and polish
  4. Transcribe the content to text
  5. Publish on your website, copyedit, and layer in the video above-the-fold

Now you’ve written an entire topic’s worth of content, basically through filming the video.

You can go back, edit, and add additional sections and formatting to rank in organic search.

Two birds, one stone.

5. Create a quick and dirty nurturing campaign

If you don’t have any type of active nurturing campaigns in place, video can be an effective, quick solution for that.

You can literally film those 12 or so problem-based 3+ minute videos in one day, have them edited and you have a nurturing campaign you can be using on-site as an alternative call-to-action for those not quite ready to sign-up yet for your product.

Talk about staying in front of your customers in a personal way.

6. Leverage YouTube as an acquisition channel

Creating video content obviously opens you up to the world’s second-largest search engine – YouTube.

If SEO has been a priority, or you’re thinking about running an SEO initiative in the future – remember that more and more search results are actively showing video results in them as well.

More real estate, more eyeballs and visibility = more customers.

By creating content and optimizing it for YouTube, you’re leveraging just another great channel to capture your audience – and in a very powerful way – with video content.

Final Thoughts

Video is extremely powerful.

You don’t need an elaborate SaaS video marketing strategy to get started.

The most important thing is that you simply start now, and stop waiting.

Refine overtime, implement a repeatable process that you continually improve on, and you’ll see big results if you stay consistent.

A few things to keep top of mind:

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