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Content Marketing Overview

Content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating valuable, consistent, and relevant content to attract and retain your target audience. The ultimate goal of implementing a content marketing strategy is to drive profitable customer action through your website. Rather than pitching your product or service to the target audience, you focus on building out truly valuable and relevant content that can help prospects and customers solve their own issues and pain points.

Content marketing should be at the forefront of marketing efforts, as it directly helps to increase sales, drive cost savings, and find your target audience while at the same time build loyalty with this userbase. Content marketing campaigns focus on understanding both your business, goals, and your target audience.

By understanding how users are searching through keyword analysis, topical research, and creating buyer personas, we can then begin to develop a winning strategy to implement. This is where a team of content marketing experts can be invaluable.

Once there's a deep understanding and a blueprint on how to succeed successfully, content outlines and content creation can begin, whether that's in-house or through the use of agency services. Having an experienced content team who knows your industry, and are a group of copywriting legends are what can really move the needle when it comes to creating content that will both drive traffic, increase conversion rate, and build brand awareness

Why Content Marketing? No content, no traffic!

Imagine that your website has very little content on it. Imagine that the content that you do have has no strategy behind it. When you don't know how your potential customers are searching, you're essentially shooting in the dark. At the same time, without content, you're not able to attract visitors to your website as you have no actual pages setup to rank in Google.

You don't want to shoot in the dark and waste important resources such as time or money.

Content marketing looks at strategically creating content that is going to perform, be found by your target audience, and increase both traffic and revenue.

When you know exactly how to be found by your customers in search, you can effectively create an inbound marketing strategy that begins working on its own over time.

Content strategy is a big part of overall digital marketing efforts and is one of the main sources responsible for driving more website traffic and finding your potential customers.

Content Marketing Agency Services Explained

When breaking down the overall picture of content marketing agency services, there are a few key areas that we focus on:

• Understanding your current content strategy, business goals, and target audience
• Formulating a winning content strategy based on our own industry experience and your growth needs
• Optimizing existing content that is underperforming for quick-wins and traffic turn arounds
• Creating an editorial calendar based for current and future content creation
• Creating content outlines based on manual research and Clearscope recommendations
• Creating optimized content around strategy with a full review process prior to publishing

Following this process, we can create a strategy that drives results for your business.

What are the benefits of content marketing as a service?

Helping your business to increase your targeted organic traffic through content strategy is our key to success.

Reach Your Target Audience

Through gaining a deep understanding of your business, and your target audience, we can begin to understand searches preferences as well as their painpoints to build out a winning strategy to find, read and convert visitors.

Grow Your Business & Revenue

Traditional marketing or advertising is not enough to grow your business, whereas a strategic content marketing plan will allow you to connect with buyers at various stages of the funnel, having a direct impact on your bottom line.

Build Brand Awareness

By building your brand awareness, we work towards influencing the purchasing decision of visitors to your website, and at the same time, to increase both retention and loyalty of your existing client base.

What’s Included in Our Content Marketing Services

We break down our content marketing services into four key areas:

Content Marketing Strategy

Preparing a content strategy based on the current state of your website, as well as your goals and industry is key to winning more customers through search. One of the core parts of our content strategy includes keyword research and topical analysis.

Through researching keywords that your target audience is searching, we can start to build a strategy around content that will get in front of the right eyes. At the same time, by mapping out content to an editorial calendar, we have a clear set of content creation actions moving forward.

Content Optimization

Not only is it important to optimize all newly created content, but also to take a look at existing assets and how they can be improved for more traffic.

Analyzing existing content includes taking a deep look at landing pages,
blog content and other important assets to your business and understanding which improvements can be made, such as adjustments to meta tags, title tags, keyword usage, and content length.

Content Promotion

In order for content to be seen, it's important to take the time to promote content on social media, through gaining backlinks and other methods. By picking up initial eyes on the content, we're able to help it rank more quickly in search, and to ensure that it performs to its fullest potential.

Content promotion is also important from the perspective that it helps to build brand awareness, and exposes users to your messaging. Social media advertising and PPC are other ways that we can help to promote content and ensure that it's getting proper exposure from the target audience.

Content Maintenance

It's important to consider that some topics, and content, are always changing as information changes. With that in mind, it's important to consider content refreshes around time-sensitive content to keep it both fresh, and relevant for users when they are searching. When working with topics that require updates, we ensure to clearly map out timelines as to when content should be re-visited and reviewed for both accurateness and up-to-date information.

Not only is this important for the user experience process, but also to satisfy Google and maintain the high rankings we've worked hard to build for your business.

Content Outlines

Having a clear outline based on the content strategy is important to allow our writing strategists to come in and create killer content that both answers what users are searching for and optimizing content to rank in search. The content outline essentially is the blueprint for each and every piece of content that is created, laying out what topics should be covered, which keywords we should be targeting, and in what form and voice the content should follow.

Content outlines are essentially the glue to the entire operation that brings everything together in one centralized document, where we then work the magic and bring the content to life.

Content Creation

An expert team of content writers who are specialized in your exact industry prepares optimized and relevant content, based specifically on our content strategy and content outlines we've produced. With a clear strategy laid out, the exact type of content and how it should be structured to rank and gain traffic.

Whether it's long-form content, online guides or blog posts, we strategically prepare content that will reach your target audience through search.

The proof is in our client's testimonials 💬

"My experience working with Rock the Rankings was great. Justin provided exactly what our team needed: quick analysis, followed by clear steps to improve our rankings. The information he provided was always actionable, and he took steps to help us prioritize the work internally, something that we did not always get from past agencies. I would highly recommend working with him for your SEO needs!"

Gwen Hasenauer
Marketing Lead - Context


Total increase in organic traffic (YoY)

Increase in goal conversions

Keyword rankings moved from Page #2 to Page #1 of Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of the questions we often get:

How much does your content marketing service cost?

The pricing for our content marketing services is dependant on the type of growth you want to see. We've created three separate packages for our services, in order to accommodate all budgets. After we analyze and understand the current website content and your exact business goals, we can come up with the right plan that fits your exact needs in terms of cost, and performance.

What type of return on investment can I see from content creation?

Content is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Without high-quality content that is optimized for search, your business simply cannot be found. We've built out an ROI calculator where we can show the exact expected return on investing in content marketing services. Once we have more information on your exact goals and the current state of your website, we can give a calculation as to what we can expect to see in regards to both traffic and your bottom line.

Do you created content focused on helping with lead generation?

The main goal of our content strategy is to focus in on your exact goals, understand your business, and figure out how we can have the biggest impact when it comes to hitting those goals. We've worked specifically with a lot of businessess in the B2B space, helping not only to build content and landing pages that rank high in search but also to include copy that helps to convert leads.

In which format do you provide deliverables from your content?

All of the deliverables from the content strategy process are provided and shared an easy-to-consume format directly from Google Drive. The accompanying data, spreadsheets, and word documents are included and shared directly to your email address. This allows from easy sharing between teams, and collaboration on implementing the different opportunities which are found during the audit process. From Google Drive, you can easily manipulate files, and save documents into needed formats such as PDF.

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