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Last Updated: November 12, 2023 9 min
Justin Berg
Justin Berg

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In today’s competitive online landscape, finding the right SEO consultant is crucial for businesses looking to improve their online visibility.

Many companies struggle with reaching the top of search engine rankings and maintaining a strong presence amidst fierce competition.

The need for experienced and effective SEO consultants has never been greater.

In this article, we will explore the qualities that make an exceptional SEO consultant, discuss some top-notch providers, and offer guidance on selecting the ideal consultant for your business needs and objectives. This information will serve as a valuable resource for business owners and marketing teams in their quest for SEO success.

What are SEO Consultant Services?

SEO consultant services refer to the professional assistance provided by SEO experts or agencies to help businesses improve their website’s visibility in search engine results.

These services typically involve a comprehensive analysis of a website’s current search engine performance, followed by tailor-made recommendations for enhancing its organic traffic and search rankings.

An SEO consultant often starts by conducting a thorough audit of the client’s website.

This process identifies any technical or content-related issues that might be hindering the site’s search engine optimization efforts.

Once the issues have been pinpointed, the consultant provides actionable suggestions and strategies to address them, ranging from website architecture improvements to content creation and link building.

One of the primary goals of SEO consultant services is to help clients optimize their websites for specific keywords.

This involves researching and choosing the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for the business, and then incorporating these strategically into the site’s content, meta tags, and URLs.

In addition, an SEO consultant may also assist clients in developing an effective content marketing strategy, which can help establish authority and trust within their target audience.

SEO consultant services can vary in pricing, depending on factors such as the scope of work and the consultant’s expertise.

On average, SEO consultants charge $122.33/hour (+ retainer), freelancers cost $68/hour (+ retainer), and an in-house SEO specialist costs $71K/year (in the U.S.).

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

An SEO consultant is a professional who helps businesses improve their websites’ visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

They use a variety of techniques and strategies to increase a company’s online presence and drive organic traffic to their website.

The main responsibilities of an SEO consultant can be divided into the following sub-sections:

1. Develop SEO Strategy

An essential aspect of an SEO consultant’s job is developing a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to a client’s specific needs and goals.

This includes conducting keyword research, analyzing competitors, and identifying target audiences.

By doing this, an SEO consultant can create a plan that targets the most relevant and high-traffic keywords, aiming to improve the company’s search engine rankings and overall online visibility.

2. Implement, Monitor, Optimize, and Report on SEO Campaigns

Once the SEO strategy is in place, the consultant is responsible for implementing, monitoring, optimizing, and reporting on campaigns’ performance.

This involves making on-site optimizations, such as improving metadata, structuring content, and enhancing site speed.

Additionally, off-site efforts are made to strengthen the website’s backlink profile through outreach, content marketing, and social media promotion.

Throughout this process, the SEO consultant continuously monitors and analyzes data to adjust and refine the strategy as needed, ensuring the best results and return on investment.

3. Identify and Execute on SEO Opportunities

An SEO consultant stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and algorithm updates to identify and act upon new SEO opportunities.

This can involve implementing schema markup, optimizing content for higher SERP rankings, and building quality backlinks to help push pages up in the rankings.

These efforts help clients maintain their search engine rankings, address new challenges, and capitalize on emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition.

What Skills Should an SEO Consultant Have?

An SEO consultant should possess multiple skills in order to create successful search engine optimization strategies for their clients. Here are some essential skills they should have:

  1. In-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking factors: SEO consultants should understand how search engines like Google and Bing work, including the algorithms and ranking factors used to determine which pages appear at the top of search results.
  2. Customized SEO solutions: They should be able to develop tailored SEO strategies for individual businesses, taking into account the unique needs and goals of each client.
  3. Forecasting and performance analysis: An SEO consultant should be capable of predicting how an SEO campaign will perform and analyze the results, taking into consideration online searcher behavior and competing websites.
  4. Speaking and writing ability: Effective communication is crucial, as they need to explain their strategies and recommendations to clients, as well as create and optimize on-page content using relevant keywords.
  5. Technical SEO expertise: A deep understanding of the technical aspects of a website, like site structure, meta tags, and schema markup, is essential in order to identify areas of improvement for better search engine visibility.
  6. Analytical skills: They should be proficient in using analytics tools and data to track the performance of SEO campaigns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  7. Resilience: An SEO consultant needs to be determined and willing to face challenges, such as conflicts with competitors, client contracts ending unexpectedly, or dealing with Google algorithm updates.
  8. Continuous learning: The SEO landscape is constantly evolving, so staying updated with industry trends, algorithm changes, and best practices is essential for maintaining expertise and delivering successful results for clients.

What to Look for in SEO Consulting Services

When choosing the right SEO consultant to work with, there are several essential qualities to keep in mind:

  1. Experience: A skilled SEO consultant should have a proven track record of successful search engine optimization projects. Extensive experience in various industries and businesses can be a strong indicator of their ability to adapt to different scenarios.
  2. Expertise: The consultant should have a deep understanding of the latest SEO trends and techniques. This includes on-page optimization, keyword research, and technical SEO, to name a few.
  3. Clear communication: Effective communication is vital in any professional relationship. Make sure the SEO consultant can clearly explain their strategies, progress, and results while also addressing any concerns you may have.
  4. Customized approach: An accomplished SEO consultant will create a tailored strategy for your business, taking into account your specific needs, goals, and target audience.
  5. Transparency: Trustworthy SEO consultants provide honest, transparent feedback to their clients, both in terms of their services and the expected outcomes. This helps set realistic expectations and avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.
  6. Reporting and analytics: Regular reports and data analysis are crucial in measuring the success of your SEO efforts. A skilled consultant should provide detailed reports, analyze trends, and adjust their strategies based on the information gathered.
  7. Adaptability: The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and your consultant should be able to adapt their strategies to keep up with changes in search engine algorithms, industry trends, and consumer habits.
  8. Results-driven: An excellent SEO consultant focuses on delivering tangible, long-term results for their clients. They should have a proven track record of achieving high rankings, increased traffic, and, ultimately, more conversions for their clients.
  9. Professionalism: Look for a consultant who maintains high standards of professionalism in their work and interactions with clients. This includes punctuality, reliability, and a strong work ethic.
  10. Positive testimonials: Lastly, genuine recommendations and positive reviews from previous clients can be a strong indicator of an SEO consultant’s success and dependability.

Measuring the ROI of SEO Consulting Services

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of SEO consulting services is crucial for businesses looking to determine the value provided by these professionals. While quantifying the ROI of technical SEO can be challenging, there are certain steps that can help business owners and marketing leaders in this regard.

Firstly, understanding the SEO ROI formula is essential. The formula can be expressed as:

(value of organic conversions - cost of SEO investments) / cost of SEO investments.

By calculating the difference between the value of organic conversions and the cost of SEO investments, and then dividing this sum by the cost of SEO investments, businesses can effectively gauge their SEO ROI.

To arrive at the value of organic conversions, businesses should analyze their website analytics to determine the revenue generated from organic search traffic. Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, average order value, and customer lifetime value can help paint a clear picture of revenue attributable to organic search.

On the other hand, the cost of SEO investments should include all expenses incurred during the duration of an SEO consulting service. These costs can range from the consultant’s fees to investments in content creation, link building, and other SEO-related activities.

Once the values for organic conversions and SEO investment costs have been calculated, businesses can plug these numbers into the ROI formula to determine the effectiveness of their SEO consulting services. The resulting percentage will indicate the profitability of the SEO investment in relation to its cost. For example, an SEO ROI of 200% means the return is twice the initial investment.

Further Reading: SEO ROI Calculator

It is essential for businesses to consider the possible fluctuations in the ROI as SEO is a long-term strategy, and results are not always immediate.

The key is to analyze the numbers over time, monitor progress, and make necessary adjustments to the SEO strategy based on data-driven insights.

Final Thoughts

Finding a competent SEO consultant plays a vital role in improving a website’s organic visibility and overall search engine performance.

A good SEO consultant can thoroughly understand a client’s needs and develop a custom strategy to achieve their goals.

Investing in the expertise of an SEO consultant can be a wise decision for businesses seeking to improve their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.

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