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Introducing The Rock It SEO Audit

Are you tired of automated printouts from popular SEO tools? Well, we were too.

Enter The Rock It SEO Audit.

With our SEO audit services, we take a deep dive into each and every page of your website thoroughly reviews each page manually and coming up with suggestions for actions to take to improve SEO performance.

Our website SEO audit process is different than all of the other tools out there. These tools are made for speed, and hitting the basics. Our search engine audit service covers over 200+ rankings factors and 20+ different sections where we go in-depth and determine the best handling for each and every page of your website.

With tools, you don't get a personalized experience or true insights for your business. That's why we've stepped in to build the most comprehensive, manual SEO audit to go in-depth and provide actionable steps through opportunity discovery which you can implement for big traffic gains.

Trust us, this isn't your typical SEO audit printout.

Get in-depth, actual insights that can help to improve both your search traffic and conversions.

What's an SEO Audit? Let's take a closer look

A website SEO audit includes the process of both using various SEO audit tools, hand-built checklists, and manual processes to examine a website's structure to determine areas of opportunity for improvements in search rankings.

Not only does an SEO site audit look to uncover potential weaknesses of a website, but it can also uncover other areas where pages are broken, or conversions could be better optimized to increase leads and/or sales for a business.

The end goal of the SEO audit is to provide a checklist of action
items that can be implemented in order to help improve an existing SEO campaign and to facilitate more conversions for a website.

How an Audit Can Make a Big Impact

It all starts out with understand what are your main goals. Are you looking to increase your organic traffic by 40%, improve your keyword rankings for specific keywords? Or perhaps
even recover from a Google penalty? It's important to understand what your specific goals are when it comes to SEO so we can properly target those areas, and so you get use from both the insights and data that we provide from our SEO audit service.

A full SEO audit can help to really go deep into those areas, and provide actionable insights which you can
implement to meet those desired goals.

Whether you're looking to launch a new site that's already been designed and setup, or if you're looking to find opportunities for an existing website with traffic, a website audit can be a great way to uncover those opportunities.

The larger your website is, the longer it can take to complete an audit as it's a manual process. At the same time, the more opportunities that can be discovered and presented in the final completed audit which is provided.

Search engine optimization takes time - The quicker you have both those opportunity areas and insights in your hands, the quicker you can implement those changes into your SEO strategy and start seeing results.

What are the benefits of using SEO Audit Services?

Helping your business to increase organic rankings through an actionable plan is our key priority.

Identify SEO Quick Wins

We outline all potential opportunities based on priority, starting with those low-hanging fruit items which your team can start implementing immediately for big traffic increases to your website.

Customized For Your Business

The goal of our audit is to provide a comprehensive plan that you can work on over-time to increase your organic search rankings. Having a customized plan made just for you makes things a lot easier.

Implementation Made Easy

Once you know exactly what you need to do to get results, everything gets a lot easier. With our SEO audit in hand, you'll have a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to increase traffic.

What’s Included in our Rock It SEO Audit Services

Our SEO audit services are broken down into the following key areas to maximize results:

On-Page SEO Audit

Kicking off the SEO audit, we crawl your entire website and pull data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SiteBulb, and your domains Sitemap file in to have a full dataset to work with.

We then manually dig through all of this data to review each and every page on your website for both opportunities, and to determine what's the best action plan for each of these pages.

Technical SEO Audit

This piece gets a bit more technical. With a checklist of over 200+ different technical SEO items, we thoroughly review the infrastructure of your website and important factors that can hold you back from ranking better in Google.

Some of these checklist items include website page speed, broken links, crawlability, mobile-friendliness, and link-depth.

Content Audit

Understanding how your SEO content strategy and how overall your content is performing is crucial in making improvements to help current pages both rank better and attract the right audience.

Recommendations during the content audit phase include a list of content which can use improvements (and how to improve it), which content
can be deleted or pruned, as well as content gaps that might exist.

Keyword Audit

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO - without great content and proper keyword usage, you won't rank in Google. Content and keywords are essentially the fuel to any SEO campaign.

The keyword audit works on determining which keywords your website currently ranks for, where keyword gaps exist versus your competitors, and what keywords could benefit your already existing content.

Backlink Profile Audit

Backlinks are (still) the most important ranking factor when it comes to SEO. There's no doubt about it, off-page SEO and link building is crucial for success.

In order to increase the authority of your website in the eyes of Google, you need backlinks from high-quality websites within your industry. Taking a deep look at your current link profile using a manual link audit, we determine which pages would benefit the most from a backlink campaign, and opportunities to improve your already existing link profile.

Consultation & Audit Review

Once we've completed your SEO audit, we won't just leave you out to dry. We schedule a one-on-one sit down call to review all of our audit findings along with your team in order to answer any questions you might have from our findings.

This is a great time to ask any questions you might have related to the audit, as we walk you through in-depth all opportunity areas and how you can take action today to start the implementation of the items outlined in our audit.

The proof is in our client's words 💬

"Fantastic experience working with Justin and his team! I've tried tons of SEO agencies and experts in the past and honestly nothing compared to these guys. Quickly identified lots quick wins and we almost immediately saw a huge uptick in organic search traffic. Also, extremely easy to work with; good communication, great reporting and overall great experience. Highly recommend!"

Kyle Davidson
CEO - Sourced Adventures


Increase in Unbranded Keyword Clicks

Total Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Goal Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of the questions we often get:

How much does the SEO audit service cost?

The pricing for our SEO audit services is based on the total number of calculated hours it will require to build out the full manual report. In order to understand this number, we take a look at your website's total page count by running a website crawl with Site Bulb. From here, we have an understanding of the size of your website and can calculate the final price to manually comb through each and every page and provide a comprehensive and actionable report.

How long does it take to complete an SEO audit?

We pride ourselves that we don't just run a quick printout from one of the "big-name" SEO tools and slap some custom graphics on it and call it an audit. Our SEO audit services are based around a manual, hand-done audit process. For this reason, the more pages that your website has, the longer the amount of time we will require to complete your audit. Generally, shorter projects with up to a few hundred pages are turned around within 10 business days. For larger projects, we provide a custom quote once we take a look at the total page count and effort required to complete the audit.

Do you implement the changes recommended in the audit?

The implementation of changes suggested in our audit are not included in the total price. Although this is the case, if you need wassistance in also implementing these changes to your website, we do provide implementation services as well at an additional cost.

How is the completed SEO audit provided - in which format?

All of the deliverables from the audit are provided and shared an easy-to-consume format directly from Google Drive. The accompanying data, spreadsheets, and word documents are included and shared directly to your email address. This allows from easy sharing between teams, and collaboration on implementing the different opportunities which are found during the audit process. From Google Drive, you can easily manipulate files, and save documents into needed formats such as PDF.

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